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    The pieces of the collection are inspired by the Greek Mythology, more specifically the myth about Medusa and her two Gorgon sisters – Sthenno and Euryale. The conclusions drawn from the stories are indeed very subjective to everyone’s personal projections, however, lots of similarities can be found in their story and how women are treated nowadays, especially strong minded and beautiful ones. Medusa, being the most famous one out of the Gorgons, was a mortal, unlike her sisters, and was a beautiful and innocent girl who served in Athena’s Temple.

    Poseidon took away her intimate innocence in the same temple, consequently Athena was furious and cursed Medusa. She turned her into the same “monster” as her sisters – with serpents instead of hair, long claws and a deadly gaze which turned everyone who looked at her into stone. Even after Perseus slayed her head, she still had the power to turn people into stone and her blood had the power to heal and give life. Her head was incorporated into Athena’s shield with the aim of protection.

    Medusa with the Head of Perseus by Luciano Garbati, 2008


    In today’s world, women who are strong, intelligent and beautiful are being stigmatized and, in a way, punished for their actions, way of thinking and looks. The sporty yet elegant collection aims to bring confidence to women with the revealing designs which embrace the beauty of the female body and enhances the curves.

    The typography elements and the embroidered phrases are in very specific places in some garments to give homage to the femininity and the power of women. Moreover the words and phrases like “Abnormal” and “Look Away“ refer to being different, standing out with every aspect of one’s self, such as perception and view of life. 

    The fabrics chosen and the designs aim to be comfortable when worn, but also form fitting. The colors are a bit on the dull side, hence they suit every person’s skin tone and each piece can be combined with the others. The garments can be worn as an every day outfit as well as in a social gathering – you choose your player.

    Sustainability measures

    Our attention for sustainability and ecofriendliness is one of our main goals. We want to give back and care for the environment as much as possible. The measures we have taken so far, include as less usage of paper as possible and less waste.

     What we have tried to achieve is mainly reach low waste as much as possible and choose quality materials which will last long without getting worn out fast. For instance, our White and Purple T-shirt is made out of high-quality cotton which is a natural fibre, therefore it is biodegradable and it can be worn for a long time. All fabrics and materials used for the creation of the garments have been calculated as to how much it will be needed to reach the needed full amount of each design, therefore we have achieved almost zero waste of materials. 

    Each garment comes in a biodegradable PVC ziplock bag, which is meant and advised to be used afterwards. Our initiative with the packaging is we did not want to wrap the clothes in paper and deliver it in a paper box which will be thrown out in most cases. Instead, the ziplock bag has many post-purchase uses and we encourage our customers to be less wasteful and be creative with our packaging.

    In the bag, you will also find a card which indicates our Brand Identity and Goal and on the back side you will see a paper flower element. The element is made out of flower seeds and it is meant to be put in soil, hence beautiful flowers can grow. This is our small way of giving back to nature and also make our days more colourful and delightful. We have planted our element already and our flowers are growing beautifully each day.


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