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    GRGN First Generation FW 22 | Rebel Denouncement

    Introducing our new FW22 collection which urges people to rebel the censorship and silence. The new designs are minimal yet very “loud”.

    The Men’s Green Hoodie is made out of high-quality cotton and a dual front side. The back has two prints on each side of the flopping “tongue”. One side is a face with a closed mouth symbolising calmness and quietness, on the other-a face with an open mouth with the tongue out representing one rebelling and mocking. The duality of one’s personality is the focal point of this design.

    The Maxi Bodycon Dress embodies sensuality-a feeling which feels prohibited, an Illicit Thrill. The dress is made out of extremely elastic microfiber fabric, which is form-fitting while accentuating the curves. The emroidery is placed on a specific part of the dress to focus even more on the idea behind the design.

    To contrast the “loud” designs, we are introducing also the minimal ones, which are the Men’s Turtleneck and the Asymmetrical Blazer. The turtleneck is a very elegant and classic piece, made out of very soft, slightly thicker cotton, perfect for the colder days. The design is very refined, all black including the 3D printed logo on the front, to give the wearer the ability to combine it into a more formal style or a more casual and everyday  look. The blazer is a classy piece in a nude, almost off-white colour. The fabric is a soft, silky and thicker georgette fabric giving a sophisticated silhouette. However, the cut out element on the front side and the 3D printed logo on the back, reminds us of modernity, bringing a more contemporary feel to the overall design.

    Pre-order the limited pieces of the collection now and enjoy!



    Courtesy of M Concept Space

    Brunch&Buy at M Concept Space

    Join us on 8th October at M Concept Space to say goodbye to summer with a sale on all items in the shop including our entire First Generation SS22 collection!

    The Brunch&Buy event will be held from 12pm until 6pm on str. Neofit Rilski 11! You are all welcome to enjoy great brunch choices, a glass of Bellini Cipriani and amazing products from Bulgarian creators!

    We cannot wait to meet everyone once again, speak to all of you face-to-face and share more of GRGN! See you soon!



    GRGN X M Concept Space

    GRGN’s First Generation SS22 Collection is now physically available to purchase at M Concept Space store in Sofia, Bulgara.

    M Concept Space is a well currated area which showcases different Bulgarian and foreign designers. From jewelry and accessories to clothes, the store offers great choices to its customers in a modern and well designed store. It is located in the city center of the capital, more specifically near the popular Vitosha Street.

    From 9 August 2022 GRGN’s pieces will be in the store for people to try on and purchase. All of the items currently in stock on our website will be available at M Concept Space. The items are limited and they will not be restocked again!



    GRGN at The Culture Pop Up Shop Edition 2

    For the first time since launching the brand, GRGN’s team attended the Culture Pop Up Shop Edition 2 to present the brand to the public.

    The event was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on the 16-17 July 2022 and the focus of the event was sneakers and streetwear. Different Bulgarian fashion brands also presented their collections alongside sneaker retailers, who offered high-end and limited edition products.

    GRGN presented its full First Generation SS22 collection with a display and Irene Atilla-the designer/founder was there to explain the process of creating the clothes, give some insight on the materials and the inspiration behind GRGN.

    GRGN’s team would like to thank everyone who attended the Culture Pop Up Shop Edition 2 and was interested in learning more about the brand! It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know each person and hearing their kind words!




    Find us at M Concept Space

    Ulitsa Neofit Rilski 11

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